Various Agro Products


With diverse applications in cooking, cosmetics, and biofuel industries, palm oil exports from Nigeria can be lucrative.


High-quality cocoa beans can fetch good prices in the global market, especially for premium chocolates and confectionery.


Groundnuts, also known as peanuts, are widely cultivated in Nigeria. They are used in various forms, such as oil, flour, or snacks, and have a significant market demand both domestically and internationally.

Cashew nuts have seen increased demand worldwide, and Nigeria’s position as a major exporter can lead to profitable opportunities.

High-quality ginger from Nigeria can attract premium prices in the global market, contributing to profitability.

The growing global demand for shea butter in cosmetics and skincare products presents profitable opportunities for Nigerian exporters.

Known as zobo, hibiscus flowers serve as a key ingredient in herbal tea and beverages. Nigeria leads as a major exporter of hibiscus flowers, as their demand remains consistently high across the global market

Natural rubber is a valuable commodity used in various industries, and Nigeria’s rubber exports can yield profitable returns.

The versatility of cassava products, including flour and starch, presents opportunities for profitability in both the food and industrial sectors.

As the largest producer globally, Nigeria’s yam exports can be profitable, especially considering the demand from diaspora communities.

Nigeria’s fish and seafood exports, such as dried and smoked fish, can be profitable due to the demand for these products in various international markets.

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